It’s been nearly a week since ethanol made its debut at the Daytona 500 but we’re still as excited as ever!

American Ethanol is an official partner of NASCAR and this year every car and truck in the three series will be running on a fifteen percent blend of fuel made with homegrown, corn-based ethanol. The fuel is Sunoco Green E15.

It’s as American as NASCAR. The fans are supportive, the drivers are supportive, and so are the mechanics.

In fact, 120,000 American Ethanol Green Flags were distributed so that everyone could help start the Daytona 500 waiving their own green flag. This year, every NASCAR race start and restart will be made with the American Ethanol Green Flag.

Each race team has their own specific fuel cans. In fact, NASCAR changed the entire fueling system this year. That change was nothing to do with the switch to E15. Each can is clearly marked with the car and driver, as well as Sunoco Green E15.

And in those pit stops that last only a few seconds, those fuel cans empty into the car. Each can weighs about 92 pounds when full and holds about 12 gallons.

Every car advertises the American Ethanol logo with a green circle around the fuel port, recognizing the positive environmental impact that E15 brings to the sport. 

And along with that positive environmental impact comes increased horsepower! The cars were running at unprecedented speeds. In this photo, you’ll see Kenny Wallace’s No. 09 car drafting with the Brandt Consolidated car. It’s great to see NASCAR and farming teaming up.

We hope you’ll continue to watch and listen to NASCAR broadcasts this year. You’ll definitely hear more about farmers and ethanol. And so will NASCAR’s 75 million dedicated fans. Now that’s an audience you can be proud of!

Tricia Braid
Communications Director

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